Explore Twickenham And Its Nearby Neighborhoods In Huntsville

Twickenham Huntsville Historic District

Welcome to the historic heart of Huntsville Alabama, the the Twickenham Historic District. This gorgeous neighborhood provides a fabulous walking path through the history of Alabama through the style and architecture of the homes. Visitors to the historic district can see examples of Gothic revival, Queen Anne, Greek Revival, Italianate, Federal period, Bungalow, and Craftsman-style houses.

Many of the historic homes you’ll see in the Twickenham Historic District were built prior to the Civil War. In order to find those homes, it’s best to have a good Twickenham district map or head out with a knowledgeable tour guide.

Huntsville Has The Most Pre-Civil War Homes In The State Of Alabama

Huntsville has proudly maintained over 65 pre-Civil War homes, and many of them are located in the Twickenham historic district. Some of the most popular places to look for include:

  • Weeden House 1819 – Open for tours twice a day

  • Leroy Pope Mansion 1814

  • Thomas Bibb House 1836

  • The Public Inn 1818

  • Walker-Lowe House 1834

  • Moore-Rhett House 1826

  • Grove-Basset House 1818

  • McClung House 1838

Most of these are private homes and not open to the general public. The best way to step inside some of the pre-Civil War homes is with a local tour guide who is familiar with the area and has the right connections. A guide can also share stories about the local area and answer any questions you may have.

Spirit Of Christmas Past Home Tour

If your visit to Huntsville is in December, then you might be able to take advantage of a rare opportunity. Select homes in the Twickenham Historic District open their doors for one day in December for the annual Spirit of Christmas Past Home Tour.

Visitors get the chance to take a peek inside some of the Twickenham historic homes and admire the architectural styles with an insider perspective. This special tour happens for just one day a year in December.

Bite Into The Local Food Scene

There are many restaurants within walking distance of the Twickenham historic district. When you are ready to enjoy a great meal after a day of exploring historic places and grand homes, we can recommend a few places to tuck into.

Try Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint for a casual meal with great food. Jack Brown’s also serves an impressive list of craft beers. Mazzara’s Vinoteca is an authentic Italian restaurant in a historic home built in the Colonial Revival architectural style in 1848. La Esquina Cocina serves exceptional Mexican food and wonderful margaritas.

Top off your evening with a city view and a cocktail at the rooftop bar at Baker & Able. This lovely rooftop bar sits at the top of the Hilton on Jefferson Street, with an awesome view of downtown Huntsville and the historic district.

Five Points Historic District

The architecture of the homes in the Five Points Historic District is markedly different from the elaborate houses of Twickenham Huntsville. This area of Huntsville was built for hard-working middle-class residents.

As you explore this area, you’ll see a variety of one and two-story homes, 1920s bungalows, Cape Cod architecture, and popular ranch-style homes. With the introduction of the street car line to this area, residents had transportation that could take them to a job site that was further out than within walking distance.

Old Town Historic District

North of Twickenham is Huntsville’s Old Town historic district, an area that is officially listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Most houses in this historic neighborhood were built in the Victorian style, along with colonial revival bungalows. Many were built before World War II, and the area began to deteriorate after the war.

Old Town historic district is the only historic neighborhood in Huntsville Alabama, with predominantly Victorian-era homes. This area was popular as it was within walking distance of the cotton mill on Jefferson Street. Old Town’s designation with National Historic Places, granted in 1978, saves these houses from destruction and ensures that they will be maintained.

Explore Huntsville’s Old Town from East Clinton Avenue to Walker Avenue and Lincoln Street to Andrew Jackson Way.

Stand In The Shadow Of The Civil Rights Movement

Huntsville was very much a key player in the civil rights movement, although the city has not received as much publicity or recognition as other areas of Alabama.

In fact, Huntsville was the first racially integrated city in Alabama. It was through a series of lunch counter sit-ins, demonstrations, and a boycott of the downtown stores that Huntsville was officially integrated on May 11, 1962. Huntsville also has the first public and private schools to be desegregated in the state of Alabama.

Franklin Street And Adams Street In Twickenham

Explore Twickenham by taking a tour of two main roads, Franklin Street and Adams Street.

On Adams Street, you’ll find ten historic houses, many of which were built before the Civil War. Several architectural styles are found on Adams Street, including the late Federal, Italianate, Colonial Revival, Craftsman, and Greek revival.

Head to Franklin Street to see an array of homes and commercial buildings built prior to 1860. The Mercury Building at 313 Franklin is where the Huntsville Mercury, a Civil War newspaper, was published. Across the street from the Mercury Building, is where the 1819 Constitutional Convention was held where the Alabama Territory officially became a state

See The Pope Mansion

In 1814 Leroy Pope, the founding father of Huntsville built his mansion on the site at 403 Echols Avenue. He gave his new hometown the name Twickenham after a town of the same name in England. However, the name was changed to Huntsville in 1814.

Pope called his home Poplar Grove, and it was part of the Huntsville, Alabama, plantation system. It is the first house in Alabama to be built of brick and the site where a funeral was held for Egbert J. Jones the first Civil War casualty. There is a historical marker for the mansion on Echols Street near Adams Street.

Twickenham Historic District Tour

Let us show you around the Twickenham Historic District. With a knowledgeable local guide to lead the way, you’ll see the historic district and hear the stories of early Huntsville and the people who built this city.

You’ll see 20 of Alabama’s pre-Civil War homes and structures with an entertaining guide. Huntsville is home for us, and we are eager to share it with you. We are excited to share stories of the brave people and structures that carved Alabama’s impressive history.

Book one of our fun and educational tours! We can’t wait to meet you!





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Daytime Food Tour

Visit locally-owned food establishments in Downtown Huntsville on a guided walking food tour. Sample popular food and beverages preferred by locals.

Travel with your guide along the most historic locations in Downtown Huntsville. Your tickets includes a visit to six different food/beverage locations. Your tour experiences minimizes wait time and ensuring you get more for your money. Explore downtown Huntsville with a local guide. Meet local owners and local people near and around historic Courthouse Square. Discover the narratives of the city and learn about southern food culture as you walk along the scenic streets between the restaurants.

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Pre-Civil War Homes Walking Tour: Twickenham

On this 3 Hour Tour, you will discover 20 of Alabama's largest collection of Pre-Civil War homes and structures. You will see the buildings and homes that are among the earliest in the state. Hear the stories of the people and structures that carved Alabama history. Within the Twickenham Historic District, there are homes of various architectural styles. Our focus is on those built prior to 1860.

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Historic Homes Walking Tour: Old Town

Huntsville's Old Town Historic District is Huntsville's only neighborhood primarily composed of Victorian-era homes.

Now you can hear the stories behind some of Huntsville's earliest city-dwellers and discover how this neighborhood has played an integral role from the 1800s to the present day.

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We know the area and we are happy to show you highlights and introduce you to locals who offer first-hand narratives about the must-see spaces.

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